Which can affect the power generation of photovoltaic power plants

What are the factors affecting the power generation of photovoltaic power plants? The same investment, the same lighting, design and installation a little attention, the results may be completely different, how to make the system more power generation, improve investment income, there are actually many tips. Xiaobian summed up the relevant data and methods, paying attention to these aspects can make photovoltaic system power generation better!

1. the inverter

The wider the inverter voltage range, the higher the power generation. The number of inverters should be as small as possible. The higher the inverter power, the higher the efficiency. The heat dissipation air duct of the inverter is the lower air inlet and the upper air outlet. The inverter should be installed vertically. It is strictly prohibited to install horizontally or upside down. . The panel of the inverter should face north and be less exposed to the sun.L Profile steel

When installing outdoors, install a rain-proof sunscreen on the inverter to avoid direct sunlight and rain. The inverter is not directly exposed to the sun or other heat sources.

The inverter must be placed in an air circulation space. The inverter is divided into forced air cooling and natural heat dissipation. The inverter itself is a heat source. All the heat should be emitted in time and cannot be placed in a closed Space, otherwise the temperature will rise higher and higher.

2. reduce losses

Line loss, DC photovoltaic line is as short as possible, and the distance between the inverter and the meter is also short. The line loss of the DC and AC circuits of the system should be controlled within 5%. To this end, it is designed to use conductive wires with sufficient diameter. Construction is not allowed to cut corners. Pay special attention to whether the connectors and terminal blocks are secure during system maintenance.

Loss of dust, the dust loss of the power station may reach 6%! The component needs to be wiped more.

In order to reduce the combined loss, the components with the same current should be selected in series before the installation of the power station. The attenuation characteristics of the components are as uniform as possible. According to the national standard GB/T–9535, the maximum output power of the solar cell module is tested after the test under specified conditions, and its attenuation must not exceed 8%. Isolation diodes are sometimes necessary.

3. photovoltaic components

The higher the conversion rate of the photovoltaic module, the better the power generation effect. The mainstream material for the component is silicon, and the classical theoretical limit for conversion of silicon materials is 29%. The record created in the lab is 25%. The components produced by PV Easy have passed strict performance testing and strict quality control system. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the component laboratory is 25%, and the warranty is provided for 20 years. Each solar PV module used by customers is guaranteed in the long-term operation. The actual amount of electricity generated remains reliable.

PV modules should be installed as far as possible to the sun, the angle and direction of the largest amount of radiation, the installation angle is generally the local latitude plus 5 degrees, the angle of the installation is generally a little west of the south. The power generation of the photovoltaic power station is directly related to the amount of solar radiation. The total amount of solar radiation Ht on the inclined surface is composed of the direct solar radiation amount Hbt sky scattering amount Hdt and the ground reflected radiation amount Hrt portion.