Well know about Economic Laws(I)

Referring to economy study, this is very important major for choice of universities’ students. During economic related majors, there are so many courses such as Economic Management, Economics, Resource Economy, Foreign-related Economic Management, National Economic Management, World Economy, World Economics, International Economy, International Economics, World Economic Cooperation, Industrial Economy, Agricultural Economy and so on. However, the important things to know before learn these courses, is about Economic Laws.

The Peter Principle

Each organization is composed of a variety of ranks, ranks or hierarchies, each of which belongs to a certain level.tin plate suppliers

The Peter Principle is a conclusion drawn by American scholar Laurence J. Peter  after studying the related phenomena of personnel promotion in organizations: in various organizations, employees tend to be promoted to a position beyond their ability. An important reason for Peter’s Principle is that we often promote employees mainly on the basis of their past performance and ability. Peter’s principle is sometimes referred to as the principle of “climbing up”.