Talk freely About Solar Panel Mounting Structure

About solar panel system, it is very popular installations applied in different industries and environment, such as using on roof of buildings (home or apartments), installing on boat, application for factories and so on. Well, Utilizing solar energy to realize power conversion not only saves cost, but also it is green and environmentally friendly. This is a project and product that has attracted worldwide attention at present.

Materials of solar panel mounting structure

Reference to materials of solar panel mounting structure, well known as solar panel mounting racks, there are some common materials such as stainless steel frame, galvanized carbon steel (H steel beam, Z purlin steel, steel C profile, steel pipes), alloy structure and so on. Different materials present its distinguished cost and quality. Meanwhile, galvanized steel materials with low cost and good corrosion resistances attract more buyers from worldwide.

Types of mount structures

For solar panel system, there are four main types of mounting structures you have to know such as roof and ground, top-of-pole, tracking mounts or even side-of-pole, different types having its own pros and cons certainly.

For example, ground mounting structures ground mounting structures require fairly precise foundation and is more vulnerable to theft/intentional damage and excessive snow at the bottom of the array.

Top-of-pole is relatively easy to install, in addition, to ensure that the pole will straightly erect on the ground (you sink a 2-6 inch diameter SCH40 steel pole up to 4-6 feet in the ground with concrete), and the solar module and its frame are installed at the top of the pole.