Stainless Steel – sheet

Stainless Steel Ferritics (3cr12 & 400 series) Sheets are also available paper interleaved and can be polished or embossed to your requirements. The CSSBI offers a wide variety of publications and resources. Available Stock Sizes: 1ft x 1ft, 1ft x 2ft, 1ft x 4ft, 2ft x 2ft, 2ft x 4ft, 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 8ft, 4ft x 10ft, 5ft x 10ft or Cut to Size. Popular uses for CRS Steel Sheet include: automotive panels, tool boxes, hoppers, drip pans, fuel tanks, trailer siding & roofing, etc. Stainless Steel Duplex (LDX2101, 2304, 2205)

Ready to Build with Sheet Steel? Canada’s foremost authority on sheet steel in construction. You’ll find 304, 2B in almost every industry imaginable, due to the great balance of corrosion resistance and workability. Stainless steel sheets manufacturer.

Type 304, #4 Finish: The #4 brushed finish is a sanded texture achieved by using 150 grit abrasive material. Also known as Type 18-8 stainless, the 300 series stainless steel family features a number of variations, including 301, 303, 304, 310, 316, 317, and more. Should you require any non standard steel angle sizes, tolerances and/or grades please contact us as we can offer these subject to a minimum quantity by agreement.

These are offered to customers in grades such as Mild Steel, High Yield Steel, Carbon Steel, Boron and Low Alloy Steel. Click on the categories below to find your products… Hot Rolled Angle A-36: 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/8″

The Hot Rolling manufacturing process results in a finish that is somewhat rough. A36 Steel Angle is generally bolted, riveted or welded. ASTM A36 Mild Steel is the most commonly available steel on the market today.

For angles having legs or flanges over 6 inch, the length tolerance shall not exceed plus 3/16 inch and minus 1/8 inch. Length of Legs: For angles having legs or flanges up to 6 inch, inclusive, the length tolerance shall not exceed plus or minus 1/8 inch. Weight: For angles of 6 lb/ft or less, the weight tolerances shall not exceed plus or minus 7-1/2 %. For angles over 6 lb/ft, the weight tolerance shall not exceed plus or minus 4-1/2 %.

1 piece or 500 pieces, Angles can be cut to your exact requirements. We can form angles form plate in such grades as 304H, 309/S, 310/S, 317L, 317LMN, 321, 347 and Duplex 2205. Need 75 pieces of stainless angle cut to 2’4″ long?

Let Penn Stainless cut your next stainless angle requirement to your exact dimension. Penn Stainless can perform PMI testing in house for most stainless steel grades, or we can work with independent labs to complete PMI in order to meet customer specifications. Angles exceeding 24″ in size with thickness over 1″ can be manufactured.

See below for information specific to angles. All even leg angles can be cut to size. Laser fused even leg angles can also be supplied in Duplex 2205 and lean Duplex 2201.Internet Click here to make an inquiry about our products online.