Site-Built Home Plumbing

Plumbing is very important and complicated things after the house is built. Exactly for site-built home, plumbing may consider more requirements and standards. According to plumbing definition, pipeline and fixture systems installed in buildings for distribution and use of drinking water (potable water) and removal of water-borne wastes. It is usually different from water supply and sewage systems that provide services to a group of buildings or the cities. Now let us have a look about different materials of pipes of plumbing.

Copper Pipes

According to life period of plumbing, copper pipes are so suitable. Its excellent advantage is that copper pipe will not corrode and degenerate like galvanized steel pipes do. Copper has become very expensive over the years and is often costly.

Galvanized steel pipes

Galvanized steel pipe also has many advantages. First of all, its price is much lower than that of copper pipe, so galvanized steel pipes will be widely used in many construction to reduce costs. In addition, galvanized pipe is galvanized by carbon steel pipe on the surface, so it has certain advantages for corrosion protection. However, the drawback of galvanized steel pipe lies in its heavy weight and waste of manpower in construction.

PVC pipes

PVC pipes are durable and non-corrosive. However, they are not suitable for use as water supply pipelines. The most of uses about PVC pipes are about drainage lines for sinks, or plumbing fixtures for whole home. PVC pipes normally are very light weight so it is easy for construction and maintenance.