Sightseeing of Los Angeles in America(I)

Leading all of you to explore the past and the present. The new dinosaur museum at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has more than 300 real fossils, 20 complete specimens of dinosaurs and ancient marine life, and the world’s only fossil family of Tyrannosaurus Rex growth and development.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

In our dinosaur lab, we went behind the scenes and watched how scientists studied dinosaur fossils. Come and enjoy the stunning “Encounter Dinosaurs” show and let the resurrected prehistoric beasts take you to the Jurassic era.

The Pacific Battleship Center

The Pacific Battleship Center is honored to be commissioned by the United States Navy to maintain and operate the famous Iowa Battleship (Hull number BB 61). Their mission is simple as to pay tribute to the best and last available battleship in the world and to those who have served on it, and to provide an educational platform for visitors.

The Iowa battleship is also known as the ‘Battleship of President’. Reequipped during World War II, it served as a flagship escort to President Franklin Roosevelt across the Atlantic to meet British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Supreme Leader Stalin in 1943. this battleship had won many medals such as Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Occupation Service Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.