Scientific And Technology Things “Inroad” Into Life(I)

Robot is a amazing invention.This will be a milestone in service industry, not only in business but also in our daily life. We have already seen the benefits it brings to us in several fields such as logistics, catering industry and so on. We also can expect it will change our daily life in the future. It will not take a long time. When it comes true, it can take care of old people, do housework and something more then these. The world will be different, our lifestyle will change. But everything has it is pros and cons. We have to take precautions to reduce the bad effects in advance. There is the cool thing to show as scientific and technology thing “Inroad” into our life again as a Japan cafe adopt advanced robot to serve to the customers, and amazing again as disables may control the robots. There are a lot of things we never think it is true, but actually it already comes to the truth. So then let us enjoy this real information below now,tin plate suppliers

The robots controlled by paralyzed people

The robots served drinks and cleared tables in the cafe and the robots controlled by paralyzed people in Japanese cafe.

In Tokyo, Japan, a cafe equipped with robotic waiters remotely controlled by paralyzed people was opened. A total of 10 people in different conditions helped control the robots in the Dawn Ver Cafe. Robot’s controllers earn 1,000 yen (7 pounds) an hour – the standard wage for Japanese waiters.