Pipe, Seamless And Carbon Steel

Seamless carbon steel pipe (GB5213-85) is the manufacture of ships Class I pressure pipe, Ⅱ pressure pipe, boiler and superheater with seamless carbon steel pipe. 2. seamless steel pipe for fluid transport (GB / T8163-1999) is used to transport water, oil, gas and other fluids in general seamless steel pipe. In addition, the circular cross-section to withstand internal or external radial pressure, the force is more uniform, so the vast majority of seamless steel pipe is a round tube.

The seamless steel pipe process is much different from any other manufacturing process because it has no welds or seams. Steel tube marine engineering applications, in addition to the above conventional system with a dedicated system, many constructed a large number of steel pipes, such as jacket, underwater steel piles, Casing, mooring bracket, helicopter platform, torch tower.

Marine engineering in addition to the conventional system, special drilling equipment systems, crude oil / LPG / LNG processing workflow system, special mooring system, flare system, and so on. It has been statistics, ship pipe annual consumption of 450 million tons, about 440,000, its standards are GB, YB, CB, 70% of the steel pipe connection. Seamless steel pipes dominates 65% of market share in Chinese boiler industry. Seamless steel pipes are extensively applied for the nuclear device, gas, petrochemical, ship building and boiler industries.

We can makes and markets cold-drawn and hot rolled seamless steel pipes and cold-drawn special-section seamless steel pipes which are widely applied in the industries of petrochemical, boiler, automobile, mechanica… Purpose: cold drawn seamless steel pipe were needed after stress relief annealing, to eliminate the residual stress of the material, improve the organization of materials, improved plastic material, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing seamless steel pipe fracture failure occurs. Cold drawn seamless steel pipe deformation (stress relief annealing phase transition does not occur), can not reach the surface finish and dimensional accuracy requirements, they can not achieve strength index components; deformation is too large, seamless steel ductility, toughness reduce excessive Moreover, elongated grains excessively pulled, the formation of fibrous tissue, metals having a significant anisotropy.

Stress relief annealing of seamless steel pipe: annealed to remove stress and residual stress in the casting of memory due to plastic deformation processing, welding, etc. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production base deformation process can be summarized as three stages: perforation, extension and finishing. 12. Diesel engine with high-pressure tubing (GB3093-86) is the manufacture of diesel injection system for high-pressure cold drawn seamless steel pipe.

Seamless steel pipe or a variety of conventional weapons indispensable materials, barrel, barrel, etc. Sulfate galvanized iron alloy craft up to 100% current efficiency, fast deposition rate is unmatched in any galvanizing process, speed fine tube 8 ~ 12 m / min, the average coating thickness 2m/min, it is difficult to continuous galvanizing achieved. Sulfate galvanized iron alloy craft of traditional sulfate galvanizing process optimization, leaving only the main zinc sulfate salt, and the remaining components are discarded.

Durable: standard hot dip galvanized rust thickness can be kept for 50 years or more in the rural environment, without having to patch; standard hot dip galvanized rust layer can be maintained for 20 years in the urban areas or offshore area, without having to patch;