Kitchen Utensils You Have To Know

When you enter into kitchen at home, you have to use so many utensils to accompany you to finish your daily cooking. If you like to cook and expect like an expert chef, kitchen utensils are very important except your excellent skill of cooking. Actually, kitchen utensils with many different materials and functions attract every chef, such as electric devices (cooker, microwave oven, electric roaster, etc), wooden materials utensils, stainless steel utensils, seamless carbon steel (cast iron pot), food grade plastics and so on. Now let us have a look below,

Chef’s knife

A good knife is the chef’s the best friend. That is one of the few things you will appreciate investing in. Because every ingredients in kitchen, you have to use chef’s knife to cut, chop, slice and so on.

Silicone spatula

Silicone spatula is very important for scraping the side of the food processor or mixing bowl and turning the icing to the top of the cake. Make sure the spatula you buy is silicone materials, not rubber things.

Slotted spoon

Whether wood or metal, a perforated (or grooved) spoon acts like a miniature filter that removes solids from liquids. Think of pulling potatoes or noodles from boiling water.

Instant-read thermometer

After sticking the instant reading digital thermometer into chicken nuggets, pork chops, ice water and frying oil, you will find it very easy to help you grasp the proper temperature without overheating or too cold to cook.