J58k series CNC electrical screw press control system

After enter begin signal, motor from stationary state drives slide accelerate downwards by means of pinion and gearwheel, motor stop accelerating after reaching required pace by pre-set blow power, Kinetic vitality saved by gearwheel works, e.g. forming work press factory.

J58k series CNC electrical screw press control system adopts SIEMENS PLC and ABB frequency converter, with high reliability, excellent efficiency. This mannequin does not permit a direct control of the motor and of the flywheel, even when it presents appreciable benefits in terms of vitality saving.

The benefit of static strain kind press is its static stress screw-nuts and the static pressure all these components are designed to be in a closed screw rotates, the nut will drive the slide block to move up and down. Certainly, it’s possible to check the descent and rise speed at any second, to have direct suggestions about the manufacturing of the machine and to calculate the necessary tonnage for the new forging of parts you want to produce.

Observe: the 25000T electrical screw press equipment mould base restructuring, and the configuration of 1600 roll forging machine, blade blank making by forming roll forging course of, can produce 57 to seventy two inches massive blade (weight about 450Kg).

In the remainder place of the 4-approach valve 41, a line 42a connecting the stated 4-way valve 41 to a strain-limiting valve 42 is closed, in order that the full stress (maximum working pressure) current on the stress-limiting valve 42 and adjustable by the strain management valve 42b builds up on this line, when the control plunger is displaced to the left within the 4-means valve forty one, the lead 42a is without pressure, in order that the stress-limiting valve 42, operating only towards the negligible pressure of a closing spring (not proven) within the stress-limiting valve forty two, short circuits the lines 31. During this the pump 27 is reversed with respect to its circulate path.

Each circuit can have related to it its own oil tank 32, or the circuits of one half of the press or all the circuits can have a common oil tank 32. The platform 25 is shaped as a trough 33 with inner aspect walls 33i, outer aspect walls 33a and the bottom 33b, the trough 33 supporting all the oil hydraulic system and being adequately dimensioned to obtain all of the oil current in the oil circuit.

There are two main sorts of screw presses of this design. SD10-315 was the first set Refractory Electric Program-controlled Screw Press for Refractory industry in China which was our company developped and produced, even the first set on the planet. Energy saving and environmental safety, the National Foundry and metalforming equipment quality supervision and inspection middle, in contrast with the same specifications of double disc friction press, energy saving can reach greater than 48.5%.

Owolarafe Okay., Faborode M., & Ajibola Comparative analysis of the digester-screw press and hand-operated hydraulic press for oil palm fruit processing”, Journal of Food Engineering, U. K., Vol. Every step of forge energy is managed by PLC precisely.