How to provide electrical safety devices

Among the lifting equipment such as dock cranes, electrical equipment is an important part of it, and its state can even affect the working conditions of dock cranes. In order to prevent normal operations and personal safety, and to prevent accidents during operation and control, it is generally necessary to provide electrical safety devices. How much do you know about these?

As a manufacturer of dock cranes, we analyze for you, I believe these can help everyone.

1, overspeed protection

Safety measures or devices to prevent heavy objects from falling from high altitude when the speed of the motor exceeds a given value.High Quality FGS High-amplitude Vibrating Screen

2, the main isolation switch

A switch that can disconnect all power supplies

3, protection box

In case of emergency, the driver can quickly disconnect the main power switch

4, torque limiter

When the lifting weight exceeds the rated value, it can be stopped.

5, zero chain

Prevent the motor from starting itself and cause equipment or personal accidents

6, limit chain

The limit switch of the running mechanism or the hoisting mechanism acts, cut off the power supply and stops the motor operation.

7, limit protection

Safety device to prevent the mechanism from entering the extreme position

In general, the above electrical safety devices are required for maximum safety. It may be on small machines such as dock cranes. This is only a small part, but you should never underestimate it, and don’t let it be damaged when it is damaged. Let it always be in good condition.