Hot dip galvanizing is not an ideal choice for every project

Zinc plating is an inexpensive way to extend the life of steel products. It is more economical to consider galvanizing existing stocks than buying more specialty metals. However, hot dip galvanizing is not an ideal choice for every project.

Zinc plating does not protect steel and steel parts that are often exposed to corrosive materials such as acid and acid rain. The acid can chemically react with the zinc coating. This reaction is particularly harmful in the food industry. Also, galvanizing is not suitable for nuts and bolts that are US “or smaller” because the zinc coating will cause the threads to overflow and thus reduce product strength. In both cases, stainless steel is a better choice.steel sheet manufacturers

There are other restrictions on galvanizing. A salt water environment, salt water and prolonged exposure to the weather will shorten the life of the galvanizing barrier. In these cases, the life of galvanized steel is much shorter than that of galvanized steel used in milder environments.

Hot dip galvanizing is not an ideal choice for every project

In general, galvanized steel is a sensible alternative to high-priced metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. They have good corrosion protection and provide the necessary strength for a variety of heavy engineering applications.

The galvanized steel pipe is a carbon steel pipe coated with a zinc protective layer. The zinc layer acts as a sacrificial layer, which basically means that the zinc layer will rust before the carbon steel below it. The galvanized layer enhances the corrosion resistance of the steel tube. Zinc is used because the first material to be finally corroded is zinc rather than steel. The zinc layer prevents corrosion and extends the life of the steel tube.

Galvanized steel pipes have many different users in daily engineering. The most common use of galvanized steel pipes is in the construction of awnings, balconies and fences. It is used in electronics, computer housings and many precision instruments. Cars and aircraft pass through the hood, oil sump, parking brakes and roofs are a large number of consumers of galvanized steel.3 inch square tubing

Increase benefit:

Low initial cost – galvanizing processes are generally less expensive than other commonly used steels. This is because other steel methods are usually labor intensive. Galvanizing requires less labor, which makes it immune to increased costs

Long service life – Galvanized steel pipes can be used in many rural areas for more than 50 years and in exposed areas for more than 25 years.

Toughness – The initial coating makes the steel very strong and the product is damaged during transport

Quick assembly – Once the steel product is produced, no preparation or painting is required.