Hong Kong Victoria Peak(II)

History of Legend

According to legend, when Zhang Baozai, a pirate, was occupying Hong Kong Island in Jiaqing time of Qing Dynasty, he used the Victoria Peak as a watchtower under the mountain, notified the camp under the mountain with the flag, and sent out ships to intercept the robbery, so the peak was called “Flag-pulling mountain” by Chinese.

In 1842, Hong Kong was officially ruled by the United Kingdom. In order to declare its sovereignty, the British flag was hoisted on the top of the mountain. This is another way of saying the source of the “flag-pulling Mountain”.

Later, the British renamed it Mount Austin, who served as Hong Kong’s Assistant Secretary of State (May 7, 1868-April 4, 1878). Later, it was renamed Mount Victoria after Queen Victoria, and the English name is still used today as Victoria Peak.galvanized square tubing

Import Scenic Spots

The top of the hill is equipped with many special facilities for tourists to view the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula from the hill. Hong Kong is famous for its night scenery. The best viewing places are the ancient Lion Pavilion near the cable system terminal and the open and pleasant The Peak Park.

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower integrates entertainment facilities, shops and restaurants. Besides shops selling souvenirs and crafts, it also has entertainment facilities and Exhibition halls. On the second floor, the legend of dragons, the Hong Kong’s Historical Adventure, allows visitors to relive Hong Kong’s history on the train.