Hawaii, A Good Place For Tourists(II)


The National Volcanic Park

Hawaii, also known as “volcanic island”, is a growing giant compared with other islands. Legend has it that Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, lives on the island of Hawaii. The island consists of five volcanoes, two of which are active volcanoes such as Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The Kilauea volcano erupts almost every year, and an eruption in 1986 added 17 acres of new land to the main island. Mauna Loa also erupts periodically. The National Volcanic Park on the island, established in 1916, is the main attraction, with craters erupting in different periods. Leisure travelers deserve to spend a day exploring the 220,000-acre the National Volcanic Park.



The volcanic eruption of Main Island is magnificent and splendid. It is a great masterpiece of the Creator. Unlike volcanic eruptions in the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific rim, volcanic eruptions in main island are not dangerous, but rather attract tourists to visit. The Mauna Loa volcano is the largest active volcano in the world. It erupts each three and a half years on average, most recently in 1991. When it erupted, the red lava erupted tens of meters high, and the magma was like a fire dragon. With an irresistible momentum, it ran mightily to the sea, burning wood and stone wherever it went.