Best Snack Cities In Asia(I)

Among the top ten food cities in Asia, Xi’an not only ranks on the list, but also ranks second! Pressure Thailand Bangkok, Fukuoka, Japan, Seoul, Korea and other global tourist cities, fierce! Great Xi’an! As we all know, Chengdu is the capital of Chinese cuisine, and Chengdu snacks are popular all over the China! So let us list related cities in Asia with famous snacks.


Taipei, China

To visit the night market in Taipei is to “eat”. Mini electric scooter supplier CNNGO calls 10 of night markets for pan-fried buns, mowed buns and meatballs, while the delicacies of 10 night markets are oyster noodles, Glutinous rice and sausages roll, onion cake and bean flowers.

In addition, there are peppers from Raohe Night Market and Taiwan’s most representative strong-smelling preserved bean curd. Food platform evaluation: pan-fried buns was originally invented in Shanghai, but developed in Taiwan. The Fried bread stalls in the night market of Normal University have a long line each time, which shows how delicious they are.


Although the smell of stinky tofu is so fragrant and stinky that people outside the island dare not understand it, they still vote for him. It is also suggested that stinky tofu should be eaten at roadside stalls before it tastes good.


In addition, the “veteran beef noodle king” is the only Taipei store named by CNNGO. Beef is stewed with cinnamon, anise and spices until it is soft and rotten, then served with garlic puree, chili and ginger shredded, and then put some pickles before eating, which becomes the favorite of the selection.