Hawaii, A Good Place For Tourists(II)


The National Volcanic Park

Hawaii, also known as “volcanic island”, is a growing giant compared with other islands. Legend has it that Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, lives on the island of Hawaii. The island consists of five volcanoes, two of which are active volcanoes such as Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The Kilauea volcano erupts almost every year, and an eruption in 1986 added 17 acres of new land to the main island. Mauna Loa also erupts periodically. The National Volcanic Park on the island, established in 1916, is the main attraction, with craters erupting in different periods. Leisure travelers deserve to spend a day exploring the 220,000-acre the National Volcanic Park.



The volcanic eruption of Main Island is magnificent and splendid. It is a great masterpiece of the Creator. Unlike volcanic eruptions in the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific rim, volcanic eruptions in main island are not dangerous, but rather attract tourists to visit. The Mauna Loa volcano is the largest active volcano in the world. It erupts each three and a half years on average, most recently in 1991. When it erupted, the red lava erupted tens of meters high, and the magma was like a fire dragon. With an irresistible momentum, it ran mightily to the sea, burning wood and stone wherever it went.

Scientific And Technology Things “Inroad” Into Life(I)

Robot is a amazing invention.This will be a milestone in service industry, not only in business but also in our daily life. We have already seen the benefits it brings to us in several fields such as logistics, catering industry and so on. We also can expect it will change our daily life in the future. It will not take a long time. When it comes true, it can take care of old people, do housework and something more then these. The world will be different, our lifestyle will change. But everything has it is pros and cons. We have to take precautions to reduce the bad effects in advance. There is the cool thing to show as scientific and technology thing “Inroad” into our life again as a Japan cafe adopt advanced robot to serve to the customers, and amazing again as disables may control the robots. There are a lot of things we never think it is true, but actually it already comes to the truth. So then let us enjoy this real information below now,tin plate suppliers

The robots controlled by paralyzed people

The robots served drinks and cleared tables in the cafe and the robots controlled by paralyzed people in Japanese cafe.

In Tokyo, Japan, a cafe equipped with robotic waiters remotely controlled by paralyzed people was opened. A total of 10 people in different conditions helped control the robots in the Dawn Ver Cafe. Robot’s controllers earn 1,000 yen (7 pounds) an hour – the standard wage for Japanese waiters.

Hong Kong Victoria Peak(II)

History of Legend

According to legend, when Zhang Baozai, a pirate, was occupying Hong Kong Island in Jiaqing time of Qing Dynasty, he used the Victoria Peak as a watchtower under the mountain, notified the camp under the mountain with the flag, and sent out ships to intercept the robbery, so the peak was called “Flag-pulling mountain” by Chinese.

In 1842, Hong Kong was officially ruled by the United Kingdom. In order to declare its sovereignty, the British flag was hoisted on the top of the mountain. This is another way of saying the source of the “flag-pulling Mountain”.

Later, the British renamed it Mount Austin, who served as Hong Kong’s Assistant Secretary of State (May 7, 1868-April 4, 1878). Later, it was renamed Mount Victoria after Queen Victoria, and the English name is still used today as Victoria Peak.galvanized square tubing

Import Scenic Spots

The top of the hill is equipped with many special facilities for tourists to view the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula from the hill. Hong Kong is famous for its night scenery. The best viewing places are the ancient Lion Pavilion near the cable system terminal and the open and pleasant The Peak Park.

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower integrates entertainment facilities, shops and restaurants. Besides shops selling souvenirs and crafts, it also has entertainment facilities and Exhibition halls. On the second floor, the legend of dragons, the Hong Kong’s Historical Adventure, allows visitors to relive Hong Kong’s history on the train.

Global Advanced Technology Development(I)

Global development depends on advanced technology and development of sciences. Well, let us have a read about recent some information from technological firms.

Travel website accused of plagiarism, fake accounts

In China, there is a travel website, Mafengwo has been accused because of its plagiarism and fake accounts. Mafengwo, a Chinese travel website, denied posting false comments on its website. Earlier, a social media report accused it of copying competitors’ comments and forging up to 85% of them on its platform.

In a statement on Sina Weibo’s account Monday, the company said that comments on restaurants accounted for less than 3% of user-generated content on Mafengwo platform, including travel routes, diaries and photo sharing.square steel tubing

The company said “The number of accounts suspected of false reviews accounted for a very small proportion of overall users, and Mafengwo has removed such accounts. The number of fake users mentioned in the media report is seriously inconsistent with facts and third-party statistics,”

“Mafengwo’s plagiarizing is worse than we imagined,” Xiaosheng Bibi, a social media account on WeChat and co-reported with data group Hooray Data, said in the report. Later they added “We set up a very strict standard for our data analysis. In terms of content, copying the exact same words would be called plagiarizing. And the accounts, which copy over 150 comments, would be considered fake user accounts.”

Ma Fengwo reacted the company abolished 26,000 posts per week and closed 15,000 accounts for violations of terms and conditions. “The media attributed the illegal behavior of unscrupulous merchants to Mafengwo, which is seriously inconsistent with the facts,” Ma Fengwo said in the statement.


Famous Historical Celebrity – Isaac Newton(I)

Well, related physics the most of people will know a person, yes he is Isaac Newton who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time. Actually since my child age, I have heard the scientific story about why does apple fall down to the ground? Actually this reason has been explained by Newton’s “Law of universal gravitation”. He is very famous and great from old time till now.galvanized steel tube

Introduction of Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton, famous historical celebrity, was an English mathematicians, theologians, writers, astronomers and physicists. Isaac Newton (January 4, 1643 to March 31, 1727) jazz, President of the Royal Society. His famous works are about “
Mathematical Principles of Nature Philosophy” and “optics”. In his paper “The Law of Nature” published in 1687, meanwhile he described the “laws of universal gravitation” and “three major laws of motion”. These descriptions laid the foundation for the scientific view of the physical world for the next three centuries and also became the foundation of modern engineering.