Alibaba Co-Founder Jack Ma Retires as CEO

Alibaba Group is very famous in China and even around the world because of its wide range of operation such as,, (international online purchase platform), Ali-cloud, etc. We may feel the convenience when we plan to shop online as individual; or purchase in bulk for company business referring to various of products like seamless steel pipes in steel industry, electronic products, the goods in chemical industry, household products online buying and so on. However, recent news as Jack Ma, CEO in Alibaba group and co founder of Alibaba, has retired according to his announcement.

News about Jack Ma retired

The co-founder and CEO of Internet giant Alibaba is preparing to step down. Last year, Ma Yun (Jack ma) announced that he would retire on Tuesday, September 10th, his 55th birthday.

CGTN’s Gerald Tan reviews his remarkable career and the future of China’s richest man. As a superstar of e-commerce in China, Jack Ma has broken the tradition. His naughty image runs counter to the typical CEO image.

Fast forward two decades, Alibaba is a global empire, covering online retail, cloud computing, digital banking, and even entertainment.

Development of Jack Ma

In 1999, in an apartment in his hometown of Hangzhou, Ma Yun and others jointly created an e-commerce website.

Success is hard to come by. Ma Yun (Jack Ma) failed twice in the college entrance examination and was rejected ten times by Harvard. After graduation, he had to close the door more than 30 times to find a job.

Jack Ma said, “When people call me crazy. You are doing something that will never work.You are stupid, how can you do that model? Amazon, this model; eBay, that model, why Alibaba, this model? I told myself, Forrest Gump said go ahead. Never care about the other people.”

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