If, for example, the secondary has 1000 windings, then the electrical vacuum breaker the current flowing in the primary. The coils around the jaws serve as a secondary winding of the current transformer. Current, voltage and combined transformers, oil-paper or gas insulated up to 800 kV.

Such as GIS Switchgear, Vessel Propulsion, Substation Automation, Power Factor Correction, Tariff Measurement & Power Plant Protection to name but a few, used all across the globe. I have SCT-013-000 Split core current transformer. The Current Transformer Clamp (ct_clamp) sensor allows you to hook up a CT Clamp to an analog voltage sensor (like the ADC sensor ) and convert the readings to measured single phase AC current.

Recall that in a voltage transformer, an alternating current in one circuit sets up an alternating magnetic field in a coil in the circuit. The function of a current transformer (CT) can be understood better by comparing it to the more commonly known voltage transformer (VT). A current transformer (CT) is a transformer which measures the current of another circuit.

LV, MV and HV Switchgear Current Transformer without primary winding according to IEEE C57.13, IEC 61869. Stainless Steel Tanks are used for CTs with primary current of 1200 Amps and above. Withstand rated primary current in continuous operation without exceeding maximum allowed temperature rise.

Theory of current transformers can easily be understood with the help of vector diagram give in FIG. BASIC FUNCTIONS OF CURRENT TRANSFORMERS ARE: 100A fully encapsulated unitCost-effective rugged design proven in the fieldAll materials UL94-V0Power cable, 4 core AWG22, double insulated, 300V Rating2.5m long lead for ease of installation.

The magnitude of the secondary current is dependent on the turns ratio of the transformer. When an alternating current flows through the primary winding, a magnetic flux is created which then induces an alternating current in the secondary winding. Electric Energy Measurement Transformer for remote management in Low Voltage.

The CT SB2 switch box is available as an optional accessory to the CT Analyzer for automated testing of current transformers with multiple taps, without the need for complex and time-consuming rewiring. These current transformers provide an easy-to-install method to measure AC current, producing a 0-1 A and 0-5 A output proportional to the current flowing through the sensing window. CT-LS Series 1 A and 5 A Secondary Current Transformer.

For more information about the superior current transformer products we offer at Midwest Current Transformer, call us today at 800.893.4047 or email sales@ As an iron-silicon alloy, CRGO electrical steel provides high permeability and low core loss that enables greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the current transformer. The CRGO steel comprising our current transformers is rolled into your required inner and outer diameter dimensions which permits precise dimensioning and tight construction between layers.

At Midwest Current Transformer, we manufacture the majority of our current transformers from cold-rolled grain oriented electrical steel (CRGO). We offer pre-made current transformers to serve the needs of various power applications. Our targeted focus is the manufacture of standard and custom design current transformer solutions to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.