CPA in China(II)

Enrolment requirements Chinese citizens who meet the following requirements may apply for the National Certified Public Accountants Examination-Professional Stage Examination:

  1. Have full capacity for civil conduct;square steel tubing
  2. Graduation degree from a college or higher, or technical titles above intermediate level in accounting or related fields.

Enrolment method The registration of the national unified examination for Certified Public Accountants is carried out through the online registration system of the national unified examination for certified public accountants. Registration is divided into three steps: online forecasting name, qualification examination and payment confirmation. Log on to the website of China Association of Certified Public Accountants, click on the link of “Online Registration for Certified Public Accountants Examination” and enter the “Online Registration System for the National Certified Public Accountants Examination” for online forecasting. For the first time, the applicants who register for the professional stage examination must hold the information sheet of the forecast name, the original and photocopy of the identity card, the original and photocopy of the academic certificate or the certificate of the title above the intermediate level, and go to the registration site for the registration qualification examination.

Sightseeing of Los Angeles in America(I)

Leading all of you to explore the past and the present. The new dinosaur museum at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has more than 300 real fossils, 20 complete specimens of dinosaurs and ancient marine life, and the world’s only fossil family of Tyrannosaurus Rex growth and development.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

In our dinosaur lab, we went behind the scenes and watched how scientists studied dinosaur fossils. Come and enjoy the stunning “Encounter Dinosaurs” show and let the resurrected prehistoric beasts take you to the Jurassic era.

The Pacific Battleship Center

The Pacific Battleship Center is honored to be commissioned by the United States Navy to maintain and operate the famous Iowa Battleship (Hull number BB 61). Their mission is simple as to pay tribute to the best and last available battleship in the world and to those who have served on it, and to provide an educational platform for visitors.

The Iowa battleship is also known as the ‘Battleship of President’. Reequipped during World War II, it served as a flagship escort to President Franklin Roosevelt across the Atlantic to meet British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Supreme Leader Stalin in 1943. this battleship had won many medals such as Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Occupation Service Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Well know about Economic Laws(I)

Referring to economy study, this is very important major for choice of universities’ students. During economic related majors, there are so many courses such as Economic Management, Economics, Resource Economy, Foreign-related Economic Management, National Economic Management, World Economy, World Economics, International Economy, International Economics, World Economic Cooperation, Industrial Economy, Agricultural Economy and so on. However, the important things to know before learn these courses, is about Economic Laws.

The Peter Principle

Each organization is composed of a variety of ranks, ranks or hierarchies, each of which belongs to a certain level.tin plate suppliers

The Peter Principle is a conclusion drawn by American scholar Laurence J. Peter  after studying the related phenomena of personnel promotion in organizations: in various organizations, employees tend to be promoted to a position beyond their ability. An important reason for Peter’s Principle is that we often promote employees mainly on the basis of their past performance and ability. Peter’s principle is sometimes referred to as the principle of “climbing up”.


Practical Coating Materials To Know(I)

Coating materials may help us to decorate and ornament house no matter inner wall decoration or outer wall decoration. Our colorful world must depend on coating materials. Without coating, this is so flat and boring to us. Well, practical coating materials knowledge also may help us to choose suitable coating to improve our home taste.

About Coating

A coating is a continuous film coated on the surface of a protected or decorated object and can be firmly attached to the coating. It is usually a viscous liquid made of resin, oil or emulsion, added or not added with pigments, fillers, added auxiliaries, and prepared with organic solvents or water.tin plate suppliers

Coating’s development

Paint, as we usually say, is only one of them. It refers to a kind of liquid or solid material which can form a film on the surface of an object under certain conditions to protect, decorate or other special functions (insulation, rust, mildew, heat resistance, etc.).

Because most of the early paints were made of vegetable oil, they were also called paints. Now synthetic resins have replaced vegetable oils, so they are called coatings. Coatings are not only liquid, the powder coatings are a large variety of coatings. There are four main functions: protection, decoration, concealment of product defects and other special functions, to enhance the value of products.

Coatings belong to organic chemical macromolecule materials, and the coatings formed belong to the type of macromolecule compounds. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coatings belong to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a kind of multi-functional engineering materials, which is an important industry in chemical industry.